How to let others edit your Calendars create by Gsuite Accounts

I recently shared a calendar created using an account that is managed by Gsuite.

I noticed that the person I shared it with couldn’t edit entries or add their own.

I went into settings and noticed I couldn’t change their access. This was quite confusing.

I eventually (after much digging in Gsuite) found that this is a security measure turned on by default if your google account is managed by Gsuite.

To change it you can take the following steps to change the setting;

  1. Go to Gsuite and login to the admin console
  2. Click on Apps > G suite > Then click Calendar (the word calendar, not the three dot menu)
  3. Click Sharing Settings
  4. Then click ‘Share all information, and allow outside managing of calendars’

This step might take 24 hours to propogate to all the Google servers, but after that you should be able to enable calendar editing!

If you know another way of doing this thats easier, please contact me on Twitter @afallon02 or email me at